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05:21 pm Bundle-Bee Preparations for the OOP conference
This year will present Bundle-Bee to all interested people at the booth at


04:46 pm Bundle-Bee Project Bundle-Bee moved to
Previously Bundle-Bee was hosted among others on another server. It was quite inconvenient to work with. Now, Bundle-...


11:19 am Bundle-Bee Bundle-Bee at SEAcon 2009
We're happy to present the recent developments of Bundle-Bee at SEAcon conference in Hamburg. It's time to break the ...


10:06 am Bundle-Bee We're offering several Master Thesises
We're offering several interesting topics for students who want to investigate, design, or implement certain aspects ...


11:47 am Bundle-Bee Application Ideas: Computing Related
This topic should collect all the ideas about application that are requested for Bundle-Bee.


04:39 pm Bundle-Bee Bundle-Bee presentation online
Today, we gave a presentation about Bundle-Bee at the OOP conference. You can download as the pdf-file at http://bund...
04:34 pm Bundle-Bee oop2009_bundle_bee_ghadir_n_haussleiter.pdf
Bundle-Bee presentation at the OOP conference 2009


09:59 pm Bundle-Bee Feature #3 (Closed): Create simple first repository implementation


05:18 pm Bundle-Bee Bundle-Bee 0.5.0 released
The Bundle-Bee team proudly presents the first public release of bundle.
We're happy to provide you with a workin...


03:40 pm Bundle-Bee Meet with us at the OOP conference
Philipp and myself will present Bundle-Bee at the OOP conference. Here are the details:
ID: Do 8.2
Date and time...

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