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02:59 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #30 (New): remote installation of a bundle uninstalls the same bundle with other version
local node has bundle v1.0 installed, a remote node has v1.1
when v1.0 is installed on the remote node, v1.1 is stop...
02:17 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #29 (Resolved): remote installation of bundle fails if same bundle with different version is ...
Fixed with r242.
Create a new ClassPool per weaved class.
Obviously makeClass() does not work for different class...


02:22 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #29 (Resolved): remote installation of bundle fails if same bundle with different version is ...
Situation: testbundle 0.5.2 is running locally, testbundle 0.5.4 remote
Calling testbundle leads to a problem on t...


01:49 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #28 (Assigned): java.lang.IllegalAccessException on remote side when doing method.invoke
*very* strange
While writing a 'getting started' tutorial, I could not bring a simple 'hello world' to work while ...


01:06 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #2 (Closed): Transform repository structure to accomodate both ant and maven based builds


06:15 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #14: don't prepare methods for remote calling if arguments, return types or exceptions are no...
Static type checking is not sufficient, bc. declared serializability (what a word) doesn't count. The actual objects ...
01:58 pm Bundle-Bee Feature #10: define criterion how long a client waits for a remote call
Currently, we decided to leave it with a configurable timeout:
01:25 pm Bundle-Bee Feature #12 (Resolved): define clusters of nodes, restrict participation
See [[Security]]
BundleBee accomplishes that by optionally signing each message send by the Registry using state-o...
01:21 pm Bundle-Bee Bug #17 (Resolved): avoid weaving static methods
Fixed with a simple modifiers test in Weaver.java.
see r2837
@todo: issues a warning


03:36 pm Bundle-Bee Feature #27 (New): provide maven archetype for new bundlebee bundles

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