Moven to GitHub

Added by Philipp Haußleiter about 2 years ago

The Bundle-Bee Project hast moved to GitHub.

Please find us here:

File Mirror for BundleBee Releases

Added by Philipp Haußleiter over 5 years ago

I just uploaded the BundleBee Version 0.5.3 Files to a Wuala mirror:

Subversion Repository public available

Added by Philipp Haußleiter over 5 years ago

We just opened the Subversion Repository of Bundle-Bee to the world.
Feel free to have a look at the sources and make yourself a picture.

Bundle-Bee Version 0.5.3 released

Added by Philipp Haußleiter over 5 years ago

We proudly announcing our next Release Version from Bundle-Bee.
The Release Notes for 0.5.3 are located here.
You can grab your own Version from here.

We are currently working on a public accessible Repository.

Preparations for the OOP conference

Added by Phillip Ghadir over 5 years ago

This year will present Bundle-Bee to all interested people at the booth at

Currently, we're working on some tutorials that explain the usage of Bundle-Bee for some usecases of distributed computing.
Volunteers are welcome!

Update Version 0.5.2

Added by Philipp Haußleiter almost 6 years ago

The new fractal Demo in our release 0.5.2 is only runnable with Java 1.6. We are working on that issue to make our next release 1.5 compatible again.

Bundle-Bee Version 0.5.2 released

Added by Philipp Haußleiter almost 6 years ago

We proudly announcing Bundle-Bee release 0.5.2.

To learn about the new features in this release,

please visit

Project Bundle-Bee moved to

Added by Phillip Ghadir almost 6 years ago

Previously Bundle-Bee was hosted among others on another server. It was quite inconvenient to work with. Now, Bundle-Bee got it's own project location.

If you find broken links, please let us know!

Bundle-Bee at SEAcon 2009

Added by Phillip Ghadir about 6 years ago

We're happy to present the recent developments of Bundle-Bee at SEAcon conference in Hamburg. It's time to break the silence of the last months.

We're offering several Master Thesises

Added by Phillip Ghadir over 6 years ago

We're offering several interesting topics for students who want to investigate, design, or implement certain aspects of Bundle-Bee grid infrastructure. If you want to specialize yourself in the area of code analysis and model checking or if you want to investigate concepts for job splitting and distribution, we would be happy to hear from you.

Examples for available topics:

  • compare Bundle-Bee roadmap with roadmaps of other grid platforms
  • design a code analyzer to decide which grid binding should be injected to which method
  • implement the distributed grid monitoring facility
  • investigate and document limitations of automatic distribution

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